Honey Select 1.20 + All DLC [COMPLETE]

Honey Select 1.20 + All DLC [COMPLETE]

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Size: 25.59 GB
Base Game
All Official DLC (1 and 2)
Uncensor Mods
English Translation Mods (Includes English Names for Random and all the Menus)
SBX2.5 Texture Mods
Additional Bone Modifier
Slot ID
More Slot
Wide Slider
Menu Mod
SkinTexMod (with 20+ Skins)
4K Lighting MOD
HS LRE Lighting Mod
Eusth’s VR Mod
Movie Maker

This includes everything from the Mods
It includes a 100 Save if you just want to skip the whole "game" part.

There are a few items that I didn’t include.
Missing is the Boop and VRBoop mods.
Most custom Maps (They tend to be very large and buggy if you are not in StudioNEO).

Windows 7+
50+ GB HDD Space Unpacked
High End Video Card (Or if you are into stuttering Money Shots don’t worry)
VR (Must be experienced in VR but not required)
SSD (load times will be a bit much if not)

It is pretty resource intensive and with all the mods installed you will need a powerhorse PC to make this run great.

Search out some girls and download the *.png
This game stores all the data on the girl in the image on the end of a png file. As long as you have the content installed (see above on the mega stuff that is all here) she will open up just like she is on the card.
Take the card file and copy it to ../UserData/Chara/female (or Male). Then when you go into the game she will be available (I usually check in the Character Creator to make sure I have the right mods installed)

Also when we are talking Mods it is everything that is not part of the base game. VR, 4k Lighting, translations, Hats, Hair, Clothes, Shoes, etc. Everything is called a Mod.


OK there is some uncertainty with the installation of this program.
Very justified as it is sort of a mess. I may do a repack and clean it up.
I did think I got rid of all the Russian stuff except the launcher.

So, there are two ways to install this that I know of.

First is the using the installer. HoneySelect Setup.exe

Uncheck the box that shows the gibberish (I am pretty sure this is the Russian Translation I got rid of because it messed up the English translation). Just the first one. The 650mb one. The bottom gibberish is actually the addons found in the Utility Plugins Folder.

This will install the base game and all the required mods.

I would then recommend that you unzip the files found in the English translation folder into the base game folder, overwriting everything.

Then start unzipping all the mods found in the “Various Mods” and “Mods and Addons” folders into the base game folder.

This will get the game installed.

– HoneySelect + Updates – Unrar the file labeled HoneySelect v1.2 [backup].rar. this will give you the base game
– Unrar the files found in the updates folder into the base game.
– Then the English Translation and Uncensor mods
– From here the game is playable
– Next the Required Plugins then utility plugins
– Then skintexmods
– Then textures and lighting mods (first do 4k then LRE as LRE updates the files in 4K) LRE 3.1 doesn’t work with VR so if you use VR do not install (LRE2.2 works but isn’t included)
– Then I would do the Highly recommended mods then various mods then the final ones will be mods and addons. There will be a lot of overwriting.
– For launching the game, I use the English Launcher or HSMenu. Both work.
– The VR version needs you to run the HoneyStudio_XXVR.exe file (XX is your OS version) and it has the green syringe icon. Will NOT work with LRE so if you want to use the VR either don’t use LRE or find 2.2

Honey Select.Complete+4K.skins.SBX2.uncensor.part1.rar – 4.0 GB
Honey Select.Complete+4K.skins.SBX2.uncensor.part2.rar – 4.0 GB
Honey Select.Complete+4K.skins.SBX2.uncensor.part3.rar – 4.0 GB
Honey Select.Complete+4K.skins.SBX2.uncensor.part4.rar – 4.0 GB
Honey Select.Complete+4K.skins.SBX2.uncensor.part5.rar – 4.0 GB
Honey Select.Complete+4K.skins.SBX2.uncensor.part6.rar – 4.0 GB
Honey Select.Complete+4K.skins.SBX2.uncensor.part7.rar – 1.7 GB

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